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Opinions Needed: EZ Clone Machine


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I recently got an brand new in the box EZ Clone 30 for $50...I bought it before knowing much about it because of the great price...

...So, I would like to know if anyone out there uses an EZ Clone for propagation and what their opinion of it is?

And any tips on using it, like why is there no humidity dome?

Does it work as advertised?



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$50? Really? Smokin deal! They're like $300 normally. They work great too!!! They don't have domes because the nutes are constantly fed to the stem/roots.

COOL, I was hoping to hear some positive feedback on the performance of these things.

Yeah, amazing what deals one can get if you know a man who is getting divorced because he was cuaght with another women and I do not mean plants!!!! LOL!

Sorry, that was wrong, huh?:3:


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Thanks for the offer! But I actually found some info at the dealer's site and now I know they are designed to work without humidity domes!
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