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Oregon Law Officials Warn of Prosecution, Seizure

Jim Finnel

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A U.S. attorney in Oregon, joined by more than 30 local law enforcement officials, gave notice that the sale of marijuana for any purpose violates federal and state laws, and investors and property owners risk asset forfeiture.

"Oregon and Federal law make it illegal to sell marijuana -- period, end of story," said U.S. Attorney Dwight C. Holton in a statement issued Friday. "The breathtaking surge in manufacture and distribution of marijuana in Oregon is putting marijuana in the hands of more and more healthy kids -- and dispensaries are fueling this crisis."

Oregon district attorneys are seeing a statewide problem of drug traffickers hiding behind the state's medical marijuana law, said Marion County District Attorney Walt Beglau in the statement.

The Oregon Medical Marijuana Act was adopted by state voters in 1998 and does not allow for the sale of marijuana in any form, according to a separate notice to business owners, operators and landlords. The notice was signed by other district attorneys, sheriffs and police chiefs.

"Knowingly financing a marijuana dispensary or allowing one to operate on your property also violates federal law and could subject financiers and landlords to civil and criminal penalties - including forfeiture of any assets used in support of the criminal enterprise," the notice said.

The notice is similar to one issued in April by a U.S. attorney in Washington state, which was soon followed by raids on medical marijuana dispensaries that had not already shut down as a result of the threat.

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