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Otsego Township Approves Extension of Medical Marijuana Moratorium

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OTSEGO TOWNSHIP -- Otsego Township Board of Trustees has voted to extend its moratorium on medical marijuana through the end of the year.

This week's vote means an ordinance adopted about six months ago will be extended to Jan. 10, 2012. The ordinance's language allows for another extension of 90 days after that.

"Many other areas are dealing with this," Otsego Township Supervisor Gale Dugan said. "Some are doing nothing, and others are treating it as a home occupation, leaving caregivers alone. There are many ways it could come down, and we'd prefer to wait for important legal cases to come through, before adopting an ordinance, which will be done by Ken Sparks (the township attorney)."

The original ordinance, adopted last January reads, in part, "...that it is in the best interest of the Township that it have further time to study this matter and to prepare and adopt an ordinance (that is in compliance with the Michigan Medical Marijuana Act)...to not exceed six months."

The Michigan Medical Marijuana Act was approved by Michigan voters in November of 2008, and a majority of Otsego Township residents also voted for it.

Violators of the ordinance will be subjected to a civil infraction fine that ranges from $75 for a first offense, up to a maximum fine of $500. The violator will also have to pay any costs incurred by the township, in enforcing the ordinance, and every day the operation continues, will be considered a separate violation.

The township's medical marijuana moratorium ordinance does allow for exceptions, including: Allowing the cultivation, storage and/or use of marijuana for medical purposes by a qualifying patient for his/her personal use, or by a primary caregiver to provide services to not more than one qualifying patient, as long as they are in full compliance with the Michigan Medical Marijuana Act.

The full moratorium ordinance can be viewed at the Otsego Township Hall located at 400 N. 16th Street. The township's phone number is 269-694-9434.

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