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Outdoor grow germination

for an outdoor grow, is it better to make the seedling sprout indoors under 24/7?

i'm using solo cups with soil and perlite

should i put the germinated seed in the soil and pop the solo cup outdoors? or should i keep it indoors until it sprouts under 24/7 light?

also how deep in the cup should i put the seeds?
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What's the average night temperature?
lowest temp is so this are temps hour per hour 1pm 21 22 22 22 22 22 21 18 15 14 14 13 13 12 12 11 11 10 10 12 15 16 10am

i have a 3 weeks old seedling that's doing grate outdoors, but i sprouted it in doors. also i treid to put a solo cup outside last week, but it didn't sprout yet, probably died.

the next seeds i'm gonna plant are really expensive so i need to be sure. also how deep should i put the seeds in the solo cup? and how long should the root be when i put it in the solo cup? should it face up or down?


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I germinate in paper towel for 3 days or so then they are open with a root like an inch or more long and go into soil, as long as temps dont fall below 10° c,
Then yur fine but ideally inside under light 18/6, plants need sleep too :51: Keep temps within 10 degrees celsius, and 17-23°c is ideal for me, 40-60% humidity
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Outside should work but during germination I'd put a baggie over the top until sprouted, like a mini greenhouse dome.
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