Pacific Island Passes Cannabis Legalisation Bill

Jim Finnel

Fallen Cannabis Warrior & Ex News Moderator
Mana By-election candidate for the Aotearoa Legalise Cannabis Party, Julian Crawford, is welcoming news that cannabis legalisation is taking hold in the pacific region.

The Marianas Islands, last week, became the first pacific country to pass a cannabis legalisation bill through parliament. The bill passed despite threats from the US to revoke over US$10 million in aid to the Islands.

"Cannabis Legalisation in the Marianas will significantly boost tourism in the region as well as undermining the black market profits associated with Cannabis," he said.

Mr Crawford hopes that other pacific islands will follow suit once they see the profound economic and social benefits of cannabis reform. "I believe that a prohibition free zone could be established in the pacific just as was done with the nuclear issue. New Zealand could play a key role in establishing such a zone," he said.

The Mana electorate has a very high pacific population as well as soaring levels of unemployment. "I hope that voters in Mana will support the Cannabis Party at the ballot box once they see their pacific neighbours endorsing legalisaton, regulation and taxation of cannabis as a way to boost their economies," he concluded.

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wow, the very 1st time a US state or US territory pushes a cannabis legalisation bill through government and not 1 post.

i was waiting on some of you more knowledgeable readers to add an opinion on this story before i posted, but oh well, guess ill take the lead on this 1. so here goes

FUCKIN - A, good job Marianas Islands, the tourism $ for you will far outweigh the puny $10 million threat by the DEA and the US state dept.

gettin fuckin high on a tropical pacific island beach with all those next to naked tan bods walkin by, look out amsterdam, you might just have some serious competition for those weed dollars. :smokin:
So does this mean that I should put the marianas on my bucket list??
My wife and I were already talking about the south pacific for our next island hop, now it will be on the top of my list. I read a story a couple of months ago about them debating it, now it seems as if the debate fell in our(common sense)side of the camp.
Is this bill now their law of the land ? or does it need to be signed to become law? ie; govenor/president??
There is a long running history of cannabis use(pakalolo anyone?) and a strong love of liberty there, so I am glad that they had the guts to pass this!!!!!!
Interesting. The Marianas Islands... Seems like they have a delegate in Congress that may "participate in debates and vote in committees. They may vote in the Committee of the Whole when their votes would not be decisive." Is that correct, or do I have them confused with another? And if correct, would the delegate be of any use to us?
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