Perfume smelling & tasting weed


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Recently have had some problems with my weed smelling & tasting like perfume. I can get rid of the smell a little bit by pitting fruit peels in the bag but can't seem to get rid of the taste. Is there a way for me to not only get rid of the smell but taste as well. I have too much to think of throwing it out & I don't have the option of getting something from someone else or somewhere else. I'm limited as to what's I can get in my area. Any help or information will be appreciated.
That would be great thanks. One question. Once you dry you water cured bud, how would you go about drying it so that it doesn't get moldy?
i would say the bud are riuned for little more profit.
U can can wash but,it will not be quite loose.
humidy 40% or lower
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