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Please read, I need a recipe


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Hi all I know I know you don't want to hear I am new here, but I am, but I'm not new to forums. SO that being said I am in search of a recipe for a cookie that has the herb in it as I don't want to take the time to make cannabutter right now. I need these cookies to be potent.....very potent. These will be used for a medical patient that is unable to smoke herb. So I want a potent cookie, that the yeild is small you know high weed content small amount of cookies maybe 12-24 cookies... thanks in advance!.... oh one more thing how long does it take for them to kick in & generally how long will the effects last?:hmmmm:


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I thought this site was here to help fellow stoners, and medical cannabis users. I posted a very lagitiamate question, and no one can seem to atleast try to help out. If I posted something a little less in depth maybe I would get an answer. HUMMMM.... like "Who has ever gone tanning baked?" :hmmmm: :30: :rolleyes3 Well I appreciate all of the 30 sec. it took you to read this, and turn away. Thx.


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If you don't want to make cannabutter, than Firecrackers using Grahm crackers & peanut butter with a little powdered sugar mixed in to the PB to sweeten it would be a good substitute.

A regular cookie with straight weed in it would be too dry for a person to swallow without serious threat of choking and/or puking.

Hope this helps..



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Easy way, powderize the best weed you can obtain. Purchase slice and bake cookie dough. Slice dough into equal portions and divide weed into equal portions also. Work one portion of weed into one portion of dough, make sure it is distributed well. Follow directions on package for baking. Chocolate chip cookies are the best for this. Enjoy.


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Thank you for responding, I will try some of the other options you guys put out! I made some cookies chocolate chip/peanutbutter chips, they are ok, I dipped them into some melted chocolate chips and placed them into the fridge I did not drain all my weed out of the butter I left some in it yes they are a little dry but way better than the mushy brownies I made.YUCK! :yikes: I think they equaled about .39 grams per cookie I ate 2, and it sent me flyin it takes a while to kick in, while I was waiting I hit the bong a couple of times... I was flying.....whooooo-hoooo:goof: If anyone wants the recipe email me. Thanks again Shell



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Cannabutter conversions:
1 lb butter = 2 cups = 1 oz marijuana
1/2 lb butter = 1 cup = 1/2 oz marijuana
1/4 lb (1stick) butter = 1/2 cup = 1/4 oz marijuana

Basically just powder the cannabis in what ever way you want and stir in with cookie dough. Another option is to mix the powdered cannabis with the butter while melting it.
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