Proposed Medical Marijuana Dispensary in Templeton

Jim Finnel

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Several weeks after a medical marijuana dispensary in Morro Bay is raided by federal agents, another facility is on its way to San Luis Obispo County.

Kent Connella has proposed a medical marijuana co-op to be located in a complex located at 3850 Ramada Drive in Templeton.

The complex's landlord Kent Connella is the proprietor of the co-op.

According to his lawyer Connella's son Austin, would run the facility.

Neighbors around the site were very hesitant to talk about the possibility of having a medical marijuana co-op next door.

The owner of Mark's Plumbing, located across the parking lot from the proposed site was the only person Action News spoke to who would comment.

"Unless the environment changes around here, I won't be concerned. If I notice some people hanging around here that are less than desirable then I might be concerned for my employees," said Mark Nellesen, owner of Mark's Plumbing.

The Templeton Unified school district has issued a statement opposing the facility.

District officials fear their anti-drug program would be challenged by a sanctioned medical marijuana facility.

Thursday night the Templeton area advisory group will discuss the issue at 7 pm in the boardroom of the Templeton Community Service District.

According to Connella's attorney, the San Luis Obispo County Board of Supervisors has already approved the zoning ordinance for the facility.

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Yeahhh wow I was so sad when i heard it got raided i've gotten some of their stuff before; at least that's what I was told. Me and my friend saw the news crew parked outside (we were at the bank and the co-op was right across the street) and we were waving and whatnot out the window saying Megalize Larijuana but it didnt make the cut onto the news that night.

We should have been interviewed damnit. Templeton eh? It was nice that it was here in Morro Bay but it's more important for the people that have a real prescription and I'm glad that they are reopening it for them. Maybe us.. lol
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