Proximity To School Prompts Closure Of Medical Marijuana Dispensary

Jim Finnel

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A medical marijuana dispensary in Hacienda Heights will close this spring because it is located within 1,000 feet of a middle school, Supervisor Don Knabe's office announced Tuesday.

The dispensary at 15838 Haliburton Road, which was the first of its kind to open in unincorporated Los Angeles County in May 2005, has agreed to cease operations by April 30, according to the supervisor's office. Representatives for the dispensary, which is operated by the California Medical Caregivers Association, were not immediately available for comment.

Last year, the Board of Supervisors approved an ordinance regulating medical marijuana dispensaries, including provisions to eat and smoke cannabis on-site. That ordinance also barred dispensaries from operating within 1,000 feet of a school, church or library.

Under the ordinance, the Hacienda Heights dispensary is located too close to Newton Middle School.

Medical marijuana dispensaries are defined as "facilities that provide marijuana for medical purposes to patients or primary caregivers who have a related recommendation from a physician."

California voters approved Proposition 215 in 1996, making it legal for certain patients to use marijuana for the treatment of their illnesses.

"This is a big victory for us," Knabe said of the impending closure of the Hacienda Heights facility.

"As I have said before, this issue is not about whether medical marijuana is right or wrong -- the voters have already answered that question," he said. "What is most critical is ensuring the safety of our children and our neighborhoods. Closing this dispensary ensures we are keeping our neighborhoods safe."

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i can understand this law. i would never have opened one within a 1000 feet of a school. when i buy my house i will make sure it isn't within a 1000 feet of any public drug free zone. cuts down on the harshness of laws. same with head shops you shouldn't chose a spot so close to the school to protect yourself from the government officials and police who want to be really big dicks.


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b.s. its more than 1200 feet away. dont believe the hype.

Yeah but it is litteraly around the corner from a library (on Stimson) where all of the little kids hang out after school.

This is where I stop to shop though and it sucks thats it's going away.

People should be complaining about the liquor store across Hacienda Blvd. Theres usualy someone standing out side slanging, and I know for a fact that guy sells to under age... girls at least. Last time I was in there a high school age girl took me through his beer selection... before grabbing her own six pack of Tsingao.
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