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Quadriplegic's Pot Sale Leads to Prison

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Feb 20, 00
Orange County Register (CA)
Copyright: 2000 The Orange County Register
A quadriplegic who says he uses marijuana for medical reasons has been sentenced to seven years in prison after being accused of selling the drug out of his home. Louis E. Covar Jr., 51, who uses a wheelchair and can't control his muscles beneath his shoulders, was convicted of marijuana possession last March in Augusta, Ga. The judge gave him seven years of probation, telling Covar that if he was to continue using the illegal drug, to keep it to himself. The same judge, J. Carlisle Overstreet, revoked the probation and sent Covar to prison Thursday after police testified that Covar was selling the drug. The special care Covar will need will cost $258.33 a day.