420 Plant of the Month: Third Place Winner
I wanted to know if the yellowing of the leaves affect the buds during flowering ? Or what does it affect?
The leaves of my AK48 are starting to get yellow , from the bottom up its on her 3rd set of fan leaves that are yellow. Im kinda worried that it might ruin my buds.
Im 28 days into flowering. Im kinda new to growing so i just used miracol gro feeds up to three months .
Definately time to give it some food. Those leaves are the key to big buds... The plant needs them to keep flowering... More leaves the plant looses early on, the smaller the yield will be..

If i feed them will the leaves revive or are they gone for good ?
They can recover if there not to bad off. You should see this at the end of flowering. The last couple of weeks they will yellow and die if you feed them right.:peace:
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