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Fox Farm nutes question


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If i followed the feeding schedule for Fox Farms fertilizers to the T and my leaves are all yellow and the fan leaves are dying im realy concerned if i burnt them too bad should i have been using like a 1/2 the dosoage or what its my first grow but im worried my plants are screwed any advice will help !

thanks everyone



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I've used Fox Farm, I've never had to add any nutrients from vegging to flowering. when I switched to MG Organic then I realized how good I had it with Fox Farm cause now I have to follow a feeding schedule (hydro store relocated :(


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I'm using Fox Farms right now, following the feeding schedule to a T, and I've found that it is to strong for one of my strains (White Rhino), but the other strain (Snow White) is doing fine. I'm in Week 7 of flowering, and the WR plants have a lot of burnt leaves!
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