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Questions about Medical Marijuana


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There are a few questions that I have about medical marijuana. First off, I'll say that I live in Louisiana and no chance of actually receiving it.
What is the average price range for the weed?
How easy is it to get a liscense? The way most people talk is like they just give the things away. Like could I get one for having a metal plate in my leg that hurts regularly.
Are these prescriptions life-time or is there a set time period that you can get it?
What about the refills? Can you go in any time you run out and get some more or is it like once a month?

I was just always curious about this so if anyone could take a few minutes and help me out, I'd appreciate it.

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SS, congrats on your 100th post!

Everyone has their own experience with Medical Marijuana Recs. Getting a rec does take effort and verification with medical records. You pay anywhere from free (which is seldom heard of), all the way to 500 bucks. The doctor can make your rec for the time frame they choose. I have heard one of our forum members say they were given a lifetime rec. Since doctors have to make money, most give a rec for 1 year. To renew you have to see the doctor again, bring your medical records, and pay your fee again. In the SF area, many patients carry an OCBC card, put out by the Oakland Cannabis Buyers Coop. This is under 50 bucks and worth it. Some clubs will not let you in without it, while others will allow you in, but you must wait for verification from your doctor. The total cost of a rec for a year was 175.00, including a tank of gas.

Any doctor who does not at least ask for medical records or something to verify that you need MM, in my opinion, is not helping the cause. Giving out recs to anyone that walks in only hinders the premise that this is for people who are in real need. I was interviewed for 30 minutes. I took a stack of medical records with me. It was after looking over the records and interviewing me that the doctor decided I did have a valid reason for needing medical marijuana.

When you get your card you can start visiting the clubs. Because of the misuse of some recs, there are clubs that allow only one visit per day and a total of one ounce. Now ask yourself realistically if anyone who is sick or in pain would be able to, or want to, make the trip more than once a day. I am lucky if it's once a week.

Prices range from 450 oz for the best bud all the way down to 40 for dirtweed. (yuck!) Considering that the best of the best is one-hit high, I would rather save my money for the good stuff instead of dirtweed that I have to smoke and smoke till I get a headache to get any kind of high at all.
There are edibles, hash, and tinctures also.

The first time I visited I was shocked, like a deer in the headlights. I was in marijuana smoker's nirvana. I had never seen so many choices, it was hard to decide what I wanted. But after a few visits you will start looking for the strain/s that will help you best. And that is one of the reasons having a selection is so important.

It's not hard to get a rec, but it shouldn't be easy. There has to be something more than your word to get you a rec. I KNOW there are people that should not have recs that I stand in line with almost everytime I visit one of the "get-em-in, get-em-out" clubs. It pisses me off when I hear someone talking about their shopping list they need to get for their buddies. Or saying how they can't wait to get home and get baked with their friends. I don't say anything - first, because they are grown and it's not my place to say. two- it's not my place to say because the law is very grey in it's definition of what is acceptable pain or illness to constitute the use of medical marijuana.

So you back up the facts with medical records, and no one should deny you a medical recommendation. I hope MM legalization makes it way to Louisiana soon, and you will be way ahead of everyone else in your knowledge of medical marijuana and the law.

This is only my experience and my opinion. I'm sure many others have lots of different stories to tell on this subject, so let's hear from the rest of you.

There's nowhere else on earth I'd rather be...than Californieeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!

Take care. Peace and happiness


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Wow, that was more than I expected. Thanks, that answered pretty much all my questions. I do agree that it shouldn't be given out to just anyone unless they have a valid excuse. It's just that it seemed that most that I've spoke with from Cali had one. Oh and one more question. Can employers discriminate against people with a MM card? Considering most jobs have drug screenings.

I don't think Louisiana will be adopting these laws any time soon. You see what they did to Willie Nelson. Bored ass law enforcement who just wanted to make an easy bust cause they knew Willie was holdin. Louisiana has some dumb laws on weed, but we love our alcohol. We even have drive-thru shops to get mixed drinks and margaritas. I thought this was everywhere but my friend in the Navy told him that people up North didn't believe him. It's only illegal if you put the straw in the cup. Sounds dumb right? They promote drinking and driving but weed is the devil.

BTW HappyKitty, here's a rep point for the info
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