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Whats up guys, Happy Christmas to everyone! I have a question that I just can't find a solid answer to: I've seen a Razzleberry-Kush that was popular in Northern California and I loved it...We also have a Razzleberry strain here in Colorado thats absolutely amazing and I happened to get a cut of it. Anyway, i'm *ALL* about strain-genetics and haven't been able to find out too much history on this strain. So far, i've been told its a stabilized DJ-Short Blueberry pheno and i've also been told its a stabilized Flo pheno. IMHO, it resembles the DJ-Short Blueberry cut WAY more then any Flo pheno i've ever seen. That being said, its gaining popularity here locally and I like to know what i'm growing. Haha!

Thanks, and ANY information is GREATLY appreciated!!!
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