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Review - A Bad Experience @ BongOutlet.ca


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Okay so I put "bad" in quotations because it was not really bad, but from all my purchases at this site it is as bad as it gets. I have purchased several times from this site with no problems what so ever, but here is a step by step of my "bad" transaction.

1. Purchased the bubbler at the site, arrived the NEXT day
2. Bubbler was cracked, contacted bongoutlet, received email within MINUTES saying that they will swap the unit and their apologies
3. Dumb room-mate sees the bubbler on the table uses it and ends up breaking it
4. I make room-mate give me the money for the bubbler and contact bongoutlet
5. Bongoutlet replies within minutes again, offers me 30% off my next purchase since bubbler is entirely broken now
7. I re-purchase bubbler with an ash catcher as well
8. Item on canadapost says "recipient not located at address provided returned to sender"
9. I was extremely confused, contact bongoutlet, they tell me Canada Post can make mistakes and once item is returned to them they will get it back to me (Delivery guy must have been high and gone to the wrong house because I was home all day)
10. Bongoutlet gets item back on Friday (has been week since i re-ordered), and offers to drop it off at 2 pm or deliver it and it will get here Monday
11. I wanted it ASAP but had class at 2pm, told them I would skip class and wait at home for them to drop it off
12. They tell me I should not skip class and they will come at 7 pm, dropped off the item and showed me an item I wanted to purchase as well
13. I realize the ash catcher I chose is 45 degrees when I needed 90, text him asking if he could come back and give me a 90 degree

Not only do they offer great prices, great items, and great service, but they even care about your education! No matter how bad Canada Post screws up they work extremely hard to make it your best experience. This site is awesome!

PROBLEM: in my bubbler there is some sort of cardboard (attached) which must be from the manufacturing process or something. It does make it look a little ugly, and can block the percolator making it hard to enhale. However I have emailed bongoutlet and I am sure that they will do something that will be more than satisfactory. Will keep you updated with how they deal with this

I have attached pictures of my items from bongoutlet.ca. If you want links for the items let me know! =)

Thanks again bongoutlet!

I will be posting reviews of the individual items soon! But for the record, they all work quite awesome =).




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Re: Review - A "bad" experience @ bongoutlet.ca

i am at the point of hitting check out button with this online headshop. Thinking of getting some glass and other stuff. Still undecided though...

what you think?
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