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:peace: A lil about my self an x vietnam veteran pushing my sixth decade hard i have never been put in jail arrested or been in court room outside the military, so i must be doing something right! First thing trust no one especially family ,wives girlfriends, boyfreinds they get mad and a dime is dropped on you . second grow steathily, seems like commen sense but you would be surprised. next, big one you grew a lot sold it safely and you have some serious bucks in your pocket first if you want to put it in the bank do not put in more then three thousnad dollars and make sure you told them you won it gambling, if you are old enough, also declare it on your taxes and pay your taxes state and federal congardulations. you just put your money in safely ,do not put more tham three thousand triggers an an audit. do not do this to often looks suspicous. if you wish to buy some nice things for your house i understand that if you are narced out the cops can and will take everything of any value the law allows them to do this "sucks". you will then have to prove it was not bought with your pot money! they will try to take your house and car also ,this why cops dont care as much about other crimes they are not as lucrative for them they recieve rewards for this ,so of course they are going after pot it pays them well compared to other crimes. who said crime doesnt pay!keep things of value away from where you live ,hide your money well or do the gambling thing ocasionally.the more nice things you have around people will talk and talk is heard be discrete, you dont get to be my age with havent had some close calls if you need more specific advice surf tje net its great . could have used it thirty years ago in pot i trust every body else is on a cash basis:thanks:
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