server went down


420 Staff
actually, a router at our host went bad and had to be replaced...
everything should be okay now..
please report any problems here..
sorry to those of you who were jonesin for your 420 fix...;)
much love to you all.
Schultz420 said:
oh man, finding something to replace my time away from 420times was hard, so i rolled a joint talked with my girl and went to bed dreaming of 420times being online in the morning.
and here you are!!
That's totally what me and the wife did - it was like going through withdrawal last nite!
I also spent time with my girlfriend getting baked. Hmm, I think the girls are attacking 420's routers for attention!
I was starting to go through "Person Above Me" thread withdrawals... :trance: :loopy:
TheLife said:
yeah, i was bummed out all day.. I started thinking maybe the fbi or the feds destroyed the site or something. LOL.

Me too

I tried to get in, directly through the forums etc, but really scared myself when the following link came up in google

Until I saw the date was 2003, I thought we had been dinged. I've only been around since 2005/2006 so I don't know the history, but it seems at one stage the "authoritays" (pronounced like Cartman would) were messing with us.
K i was worried last night when i was stoned out of my mind and could not log on and read up on growing haha
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