Should Marijuana be Legalized in Colorado?

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COLORADO -- Do you think marijuana should be legalized in Colorado?

You may have the chance to decide.

A State Elections Title Board reviewed eight possible ballot measures Wednesday from advocates of marijuana legalization, bringing the measure one step closer to being on the 2012 ballot.

Advocates of the Colorado Marijuana Legalization Campaign drafted the ballot measures for the board. If there are no legal challenges, advocates can begin collecting signatures to petition putting the measure on the state ballot in November of next year.

Supporters said they will wait a week to see if the board has challenges to any of the drafted measures, then pick a measure to start promoting for the ballot in 2012.

The groups appear likely to ask voters whether marijuana should be permitted for adults over the age of 21 even if they don't have a medical condition which qualifies them for that currently.

One of the main arguments advocates use is tax revenue gained from legalization. According to CNN, every state would benefit financially from legalization, and Colorado would gain an estimated $17.6 million in tax revenue.

The Colorado Marijuana Legalization Campaign has two models of legalization, one which involves free regulation, similar to alcohol, and one that involves government tracking.

Advocates are also upset with Colorado's current medical marijuana law, which voters passed in 2000, because they said it allows the government to monitor patients too closely. Ironically, the Colorado Board of Health held a hearing on rules that would require caregivers of current patients to be more active in their day-to-day lives

An attempt to legalize marijuana was met with strong resistance on the 2006 ballot, as nearly 60 percent of Colorado voters said no.

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