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How much would the smell of growing say 20 plants in a room in a basement be a problem? What steps would need to be taken to keep the entire house from smelling and smelling outside? Thanks

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The trick is to contain the growing area and use large vent fans to keep the room in a state of negative pressure. This exhuast air whould be sucked or blowin thorugh an activated charcoal filter to scrub the smell, and the air vented as discretely as possible. IE furnace pipe, fireplace, sewer pipe. Check the grow forums to see what others have done.


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Its gonna stink real bad to the point that you will be able to smeel it from outside the house if you don't use ventilation with odor control.


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well since your new i wouldnt suggest you start of with 20 plants int he first place....ide take my 20 beans and plants them 5 at a time...and do some trial and error testing to pepp up your grow skills..insted of wasting 20 seeds...and possibly killing perfectly good mj for the fact of being a newb
you should check out some grow books or the grow section of this site...theres more then enough information then youll need to start your first grow.. and yes its going to smell...can you say charcoal filter??? NOT air freshener. spraying air freshener all over your plants could hurt them.....

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on no account use an air freshener of any type, especially the plugin types, the give off phthalates, which hurt your babies, looks like light burn.
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