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Smokey Drinkie okay, Drinkie Smokey No Way


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Many of you know this but maybe some don't. And, I still break this rule and wind up puking my guts out for hours. This is kinda like: liquor before beer, never fear, beer before liquor, never been sicker.

Made some great blonde brownies with my canna coco canola and went to a great house warming party. No issues, had some beer, felt great, ate some good food, even better. Then some dude pulled out a blunt and of course feeling so awesome I just had to try it.

Ugh, in moments I was outside hanging over the deck heaving for hours. Now I'm embarrassed for spoiling the great party. I know this rule...but when I party...And its always when I'm having like the best party in my life...there I go trying to take it to another level and wind up at the bottom - SMH!

I figure maybe I can drill this into my brain while helping some nubes to party etiquette.

If you smoke and then drink you'll be fine but if you drink and then smoke you'll likely get sick and puke. So just remember: Smokey Drinkie, okay, Drinkie Smokey, NO WAY!


Guy Fawkes

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Any of those type of sayings are really just stupid. It doesnt matter in which order they are consumed. As far as alc/weed. But I hate alc so I rarely drink the stuff.
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