Solo Critical Kush


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Hello I'm starting new grow my 1st grow ended up with dying 4 plants I'm now growing just 1 plant : critical kush

What strain is it?
critical kush
Is it Indica, Sativa or Hybrid? What percentages?
Is it in Veg or Flower stage?
If in Veg... For how long?
4 days
If in Flower stage... For how long?
Indoor or outdoor?
Soil or Hydro?
COCO + perlite
If soil... what is in your mix?
If soil... What size pot?
0.5 l pot
Size of light?
400 w HPS
Is it aircooled?
Temp of Room/cab?
21 - 26
RH of Room/cab?
40 - 50
PH of media or res?
6 - 6.2
Any Pests ?
How often are you watering?
once a week
Type and strength of ferts used?
No choose yet


I can use two type of nutrients I found here 1st is for cifo company floral 20 20 20

Cifo spa - Floral 20-20-20

the other one is for Hortiland company npk rate is 30 20 10 or 3 2 1 the last one in this page :


which one do you growers recommend me to use for veg stage ?

I also use this for cal-mag source :

Cifo spa - CALCISAN

I will post picture soon as possible ...
Hope all is well in your world.

Is this grow still alive?

We would love to be updated with some pictures and info.

How about posting a 420 Strain Review?

If you need any help with posting photos, please read our Photo Gallery Tutorial.

I am moving this to Abandoned Journals until we get updates.

Sending you lots of love and positive energy.

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