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Some Feedback needed

Hobos Bandaid

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So im getting 100 maybe a 100 plus dollars at the end of the month and im tired of my crappy rolling skills and noone to help so im thinking of buying a piece of some kind. I have nothing else to buy so im thinking of only wasting 50-60 bucks and saving till july when ill get some more money which i will then use to buy some mj. Sooooo, um, ive never hit a bong and dont know how to but it looks simple, ummm, my first piece was a cheap ass filter pipe but im looking into getting a average priced glass pipe. i probably cant afford a vaporizer for 50-60 bucks. I want something simple and easy to use.

I also wanted to ask if ummm, if a nice nug well get me as high as a blunt? thanx people!

Captain Kronic

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I want something simple and easy to use.!

Save your hard gotten cash, buy a couple of packs of papers, grind up some weed or? then sit there and learn how to roll for the love of Pete! LOL

Don't be afraid to use your thumbs, they are the secret ingredient for a nice tight good smoking doob ... that is my tip o the day!


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the first bong i used was a bamboo bong,, even the stem and bowl was bamboo,, you could buy them at the head shops for around $3... wow, times have changed....
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