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Sound Problem in MasterBath room grow


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Hello all

I need some ideas to fix a sound problem i have.
I leave in a condo and share my master bath room wall
i have a 6inch vortex pulling the air out and that puppy is loud

Any ideas to make this quite

can i make some type of sounds damping box or something

Maybe i can move it into the attic but i would still need to depress the sound.

If i did move the fan about 15 ft away into the attic would that affect the air flow

One more question

I have been using a 400hps for my veg and i wanted to get 4 t5 instead to put of less heat.
Would i see a huge difference in my veg time.

This is a HYdro setup

Thank You


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I would stick with HPS. As for the fan, it can be insulated. Is it vibrating or is it just the fan noise? If its the fan noise, get a cardboard box a bit larget then the fan and line the inside of the box with foam or if you have ever seen the green air filter material used to cut to size for home air filters, use sticky spray glue and line the inside of the box with it and plut the fan inside. It should but down noise by as much as 40%.

I used this method on generators in motorhomes for years.


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i think both

If i put my head against the wall can feel it.
I mounted the fan directly to my wall

I think i will move it into the attic and try your box trick

Thanks and i will keep you updated


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you can also add acoustical sound board to the wall and lube the fan. get rigid foam insulation(the thickest) and build a box out of that. no need for wood.

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The vortex is loud.. especially if its a 6" H.O. unit. my 8" can fan is like a jet turbine... you got some good replies so far. To be safe... move it to the attic, run hose to the room, and then insulate the box and use insulated hose to bring the air into the bathroom... that will keep it quiet and give you a less cluttered bathroom.


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I agree with Boss and Racefan on this one.


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