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Stealth grow hydro cash crop 4.0 help.

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So I just bought a cash crop 4.0 holds 6 plants hydro set up 24"T x 16" W x 9.5" D lights are cfls 3 2700k flowering light an 3 6500k grow lights. I'm doin the stealth grow because I'm living in a apartment as of rite now, I'm trying to get my feet wet so I can start growing for my personal use zip to zip an half a month. I've read hundreds of forums some useful some not. Should I use dwarf seeds? Auto short stuff seeds? How do I grow auto seeds in hydro? I'm completely new to the grow world I'm looking for anyones help to get started. What seeds to grow, dwarf seeds, short stuff? Auto an how to use the lights with a auto seed grow do I start with the 6500ks then switch to the 2700ks after 2weeks? Any help will be much much appreciated.
Thank you.
Welcome to the forum Frosty. I have limited experience growing but am learning. Lots of info on this forum an the web. What watt lights are you using? Have you thought of oder control yet ? Some strains are much more pungent than others. I have heard that Northern Lights is a low oder , forgiving plant to grow. Do want to grow autos or phenos ? It sounds lije autos. Read different reviews on seeds and seed banks. I have had good luck with Herbbies. Growing autos I think you start out with 6500k and after a few weeks mix in some 2700k and after that just go all 2700k. Good luck. Love to see a pic of your box. Nh
Btw, in my limited experience I loved the taste and knock out effect of BioDiesel Mass auto.
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60 watts a piece so 180 watts total. The box comes with dual carbon filters for ordor control. I need a strain that's doesn't get very tall an bushes out, thinking trying the lowryder stains. Did you grow hydro your first time? You can see the box on dealerz.com I order the cash crop 4.0 just waiting for it to arrive.
even at 180 watts, you may find that won't be enough light for an efficient grow for anything more than one or MAYBE 2 plants.... but CFLs are cheap enough to add as you need them.

as far as what gets tall or what stays bushy... if all you do is water & feed it, you're gonna get tall from pretty much ANY plant... getting low & wide is all about training - sort of like Bonsai trees. do a Google search for terms like LST, topping, FIM, etc... those are methods you'll need to employ to get the low wide bushy grow that most indoor growers shoot for.

Good luck
Nice looking box Frostychronic. Kinda short but I realize it is just temporary. GG nailed it on the head. Using a box you need to use some technique to keep them short and bushy. I play around with LST , FIM and topping. They all work fine and will noticeably increase your harvest. I have only grown in soil so far. Its just what I am comfortable with. Cruze the forums and check out the many Youtube vids. You will glean a lot of knowledge in no time at all.