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Hi there, just joined now. I am Canadian, but live in Switzerland at the moment. I dont know anyone who smokes here, and to be honest i miss that laid back atmosphere i had with my friends in Canada. The ability to chill for an evening and smoke a couple instead of having to go out to bars, spend lots of money and get drunk...high is way better then drunk haha

Anyone else from Switzerland?
hipkatt nice to meet you. :welcome: I hear you, I get HIGH anyday over booze. Hope you find what your looking for. I know there are tons of people from Canada here but, I will help in your search for people from Switzerland. Ok? I hope you are a Skier and enjoying yourself were you are. Best wishes to you. See you in the forums. :roorrip: :peace:
I read that it's pretty cool in Switzerland:
From wikipedia...can you find a Cannabis Shop?? or is this all BS:

Main article: Cannabis in Switzerland
Cannabis is classified as an illegal narcotic in Switzerland.[46] The production and sale of illegal narcotics is punishable by a monetary penalty or by imprisonment of up to three years, as are public incitements to the consumption of illegal narcotics.[47]
The enforcement of the prohibition on cannabis is spotty, because around 500,000 Swiss people (or 7% of young people from 15 to 39) are believed to regularly use cannabis.[48] Also, in 1998, some 250 hectares of land were used in Switzerland to grow cannabis,[49] yielding more than 100 tons of cannabis per year.[50] The produce is sold mostly on the street and (in "scent bags" or covertly) through "cannabis shops" clustered in the urban centers. These shops, of which there were about 135 in 1999 and which authorities believe earn about 85-95% of their income with illegal narcotics,[51] are the target of irregular police crackdowns in some cities, while in others they are tolerated to some degree. Overall, enforcement varies substantially depending on the canton.[52] Some tolerate limited public consumption[53] while others periodically attempt to limit it. Nationwide, police registered some 27,000 cannabis-related infractions in 1999.[54]
Hey FreakNature,

That used to be very true, but then the gov't decided to crack down and they shut down most of the cannabis shops. Now you need to know where to look and even then they are apparently very cautious about who they will even sell too. I have also been told to go to one of the bigger cities, Bern or Zurich and ask around at the bahnhof, but 1. they are about 2 hours away from me, and 2 i am just not that bold about it :p haha, me and my friends always joked that i smoked so i had an excuse for my paranoia, haha :)
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