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Taking cuttings from plants in bloom


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I couldn't find a thread on this, forgive me if there is one already:

My partner is taking cuttings from plants that are in their second week of bloom. I've heard of this being done but I don't know anyone who does it--besides my often infuriating partner.

Anyway, does anyone have experience with it? Is it less than ideal? If so, how? Is it better than taking them from mothers?

Thanks in advance, guys.


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From the info i have read on the site,there is no problem taking cuttings from a plant only 2 weeks into flower,however from my own personal experience,it does take a little longer to form roots,and if the cutting was already shooting pistils and beginning to form a top bud,once it is rooted and you begin to veg. the plant will reveg.making some if the new growth look all retarded,but nothing to worry about. HOPE this helps....PRIME


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you should be able to take cuttings for it. i would recommand getting some rooting hormone. it will speed up the process it takes for your clones to get there root's started. You can pick it up at any gardening store for the most part. you can get some from the manufacture if you want to here. Good Luck man

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ive def always kind of chopped certain things of early. whether to test, look inside for closer review, or other random reasons... but, ive never done it within 2 weeks of bloom. lol
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