Tangerine dream, no buds

I just tell it like it is. If you put a good product out then i will tell people about it. If it was bad and other good growers had the same problem i will also let growers know before they lose their money not to waste their time.

I got the same issues with my td/ I cut back the light cycle and they stretched even more some 5ft high no buds I do see some pistol development. I got in large pots under hps 600/. these were grown from seed they sprouted in mid august, this is my firt sativa grow, I do note they drink alot of h20 and need the perfect amount of nutes or they either get overfertilized or under, Have had to repot a few of them and they fine now, Misting tiny amounts of nutes on them in a spray bottle of distilled water, and they seem to like that. Wonder if they are going to bud or should i just give up on them, they are a pain in the ass to grow
This variety is one of the most unstable released by Barney's Farm. I grew A5 Haze pheno outdoor and it took forever to finish flowering, budz were ok quality though. But your problem is not unique, cause many people had the same issue!
Hi everybody> I am growing tangerine dream insmallbubbbler 4 plants 400w hps and i am in 3-4 weeks of flowering and still no buds. Is it because of the n. haze in it or should i be showing bud hairs by now. Thinking of cutting back the light cycle to 10 hrs. Has anyone had this problem. First time grow with this strain butlong time grower.
Hi Flipper havnt had this problem im on my first indoor grow and have 2 x TD different phenos 1 x ww x bb 1 x VKush and 1 x Dr Seedsman im on 17th day of flower ww x bb was the first to show then VKush then both TD and the Dr came throughheres a pic of both TD phenos
17th day of flower on 12/12 cycle

left handside bottom corner is the 2nd pheno hopes this helps my thoughts would be stress issue not sure wat type though goodluck
If it makes you feel any better I had a lot of issues as well (not TD, supposed to be Sour Dissel and Kush hybrids) with seeds taking over a week to pop. And then the same flowering issue of it not wanting to show sex. I kid you not it took me 4-5 weeks for mine to FINALLY show sex. I was also lowering light cycle to 10 hours and had done a 24 hour dark period. They finally did though.
My finally is showing some bud action and is doing well, you gots to cut the light cycle, easy on the nutes, folliar spraying the best way to go, I cut the light cycle for about a week and it seemed to really help. That being said, i think that i will get a decent yield but will not grow this strain again as it is a royal pain in the ass and many other strains are available that are just as good in quality without the continual hassles
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