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testing carbon filter


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What's up everybody, I bought a 4" fan and carbon filter combo from virtual sun. I wanted to test the filter to make sure it works instead of waiting and finding out it doesn't work halfway through a grow. So I installed the filter at the top of the tent, ran the ducting outside the tent to the fan. I figured I would hot box the tent then have my girlfriend turn the fan on and see if she smelled anything. So she couldn't smell anything before the fan came on but When it did all she could smell was dank, no smoke tho just some dank ass air. So I thought the filter was trash but a buddy said he thinks that wouldnt work anyway cause scrubbing odor coming of a plant and scrubbing odor from smoking is two different things. So I figured I would ask everyone here and hope someone with experience would let me know either my test or my filter is faulty. I have a lighthouse hydro tent 2.5'x2.5'x7', the fan is rated at 192 cfm the website didn't list the filter cfm but like I said it was combo deal so it should be a good match.


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Your buddy is correct. Put an ounce of stinky buds in the tent and test the outflowing air with your nose again.
Was your filter sealed inside a bag when you received it? It should have been so it doesn't absorb moisture etc while it's sitting around in the warehouse.
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