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which would you prefer for medical maryjane

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MD is very ignorant of marijuana we cant seem to take our grip on the great properties it bestows. We need more leaders and above eles more awareness. Lets give life back. We have to take this into our own hands. Yesterday when I went into my gas station to buy 3 purple wraps the customer ahead of me asked the cashier "When are you gonna be selling that grass?" quite loudly and everyone seemed to be agreeing quietly with a smile and nod. I wonder if you have a doctors note approval will our neighbors in DC dispensiarys sell to us? Can you have your medicine sent to you. I would like to help a group home called Harmony Hall have access to thier marijuana without getting it from someone who is illigally selling it but they are legally possessing it. How does any part of that make sence??


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I went off the main point of my forum was Thank you for putting this information out there for us marylanders to understand where we are at with our advancement on this struggle for freedom


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F. TOTALS of A-E Primary Suspect Secondary Suspect (Contributing to death) Total Deaths Reported
1/1/97 - 6/30/05
0 279 279
10,008 1,679 11,687

it says ZERO PRIMARY SUSPECED OF DEATH FOR MARIJUANA AND 10,000 from perscription drugs

go to this pros vs cons website Deaths from Marijuana v. 17 FDA-Approved Drugs - Medical Marijuana - ProCon.org
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From a Medical use Stand point, there are many variables too really generalize your question into a poll.

Ones medical condition and what is needing treated would be the deciding factor for ones choice of not only Meds but ones delivery Method.

One thing I would like to point out is the old style of true hash would be made from many different plants even from many different fields and etc. so it would have many different types of cannabinoids in it compared to one specific strain that was breed up indoors.
So until old stlye hash is offered to Medical Cannabis Patients then we know it is mostly just for show and not Full Compassion.


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Good to know info for if this is ever offered in maryland. we are really in a tight spot here. Any way you get your medicine is better then if we keep on not having legal access.
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