The Ole' Marijuana in the Sock Trick


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A Michigan City man was charged with false reporting and possession of marijuana Thursday evening after he did not give his correct identity to police after a crash.

According to a Michigan City Police report, Tyrone George, 37, did not stop at a red light at U.S. 12 and Easy Street before trying to turn into the parking lot of Blue Chip Casino. An officer stopped at the intersection said he saw George's car turn right without slowing down and crash into a median made of boulders.

George told the officer his brakes had gone out, which he demonstrated by pushing the pedal to the floor of the car. But when police asked for his identification and registration, George initially gave the name of Phillip Duncan, the name on the vehicle's registration.

George had no photo identification, so the officer asked for a Social Security number and date of birth, but George was unable to provide numbers and dates that matched listings for Duncan.

While in police custody, George admitted to having a baggie of marijuana rolled up in his sock, at which point he revealed his name to the officer. He reportedly told the officer that police were about to find out he was wanted, so he decided to cooperate.

George was charged with possession of marijuana, a Class A misdemeanor, and false reporting, a Class B misdemeanor.

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High 2 u all! I've been into pot since an auto accident in '82 that; well w/o the premo. pot the pain would not go away. I'd try and get my doctor to believe that the hydro was doing > for me then the rx narcotics that were being prescribed for pain. In my opinion if we need to be so close as to what is ok and not in the world of ours well pot is at the top of the list w/the bible on the ok list.
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