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Tiger Bloom


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NEVER! :laugh2: You should just come down one day Endo and see them in person and we will hit the RooRs.


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InYourEndo said:
i just may do that.... lemmy know when your free.

I am free mostly on Sundays Endo, you?


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Ok. So the Tiger Bloom at 3 teaspoons per gallon was their limit. I gave them the usual 600mL that I always do only this time I noticed very slight browning of the tips of the fan leaves. This instantly made me aware that I had reached their feeding threshold and should not increase the ratios anymore. I am now dilluting 300mL of my solution with 300mL of plain water to reach a consistency that the plants are happy with. No furthur burning or browing has occured since, so I have figured out exactly how much nutrients they can take.

Urdedpal was dead on as usual. The Tiger Bloom burns easily, and I recommend NO ONE use the 4 teaspoons per gallon or "Heavy Feeding" option unless it is your sole source of flowering nutrients.

However I feel experimentation is best. The plants are now doing even better because I have found the maximum amount I can feed them, and because I was careful about it, no major damage was done.


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i have read some where on here that you should flush your grow out once a month to prevent salt buildup, but again that was a statement someone else had made....I too am using FF Tiger bloom since flowering...I added jamaican bat guano to the soil at the first signs of flowering and have found that tiger bloom wont burn at 3tsp if used once a week or every other other watering...Nute watering, watering, watering, nute watering....and every third nute watering i add a tsp of FF Grow Big just to help with the nitro intake......dont wanna completely take the plant off Nitro nutes...as they help with growth and such...


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