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Time to Ask President Obama?


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Okay, I have a question that I would have thought that would have been asked by now. Why has no one been asking the man in charge what is his take is on the question of the Fed's crack down is? The man in charge is Pres. Obama. He did send down the memo once to his US DA., why not ask him to once again to do the same and more, it is going to be an election year very very soon. I have not seen any ad's yet of anyone campaigning for the office but we all know they are coming. He has supported it before (somewhat) why not corner him again and get him to come out in full support of it. Dr Oz did a okay good at getting the ball rolling in main stream day time show, but I have not heard any more talk about it since then. My state (Missouri) has a bill stuck in the speaker of the house pocket and he wont release it and that has been for several years now. I cant utter a word about any of this because of my current job position (medical Field) in fear of being black balled in the field and not being able to get a new job when I get fired for voicing my option. So I look every day for someone to help out, there is some relief in sight and that is that IL is currently trying to pass the bill and hope that MO will see it and pass it as well. I see ever day how people of every walk of life are slowly killing them self by taking tons and tons of pills for this and that and them the cost of all those medications are making it impossible for them to pay there bills, or even worse not being able to live there life in a some what normal state and not be wasted due to there current medications and have no quality of life. So I say we need to call out President Obama and ask him to put a stop to all the harassment that is being done by the Fed's, and step up to the plate and help out those that need the help.
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