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transplanting during flowering?


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can I transplant my plant to a nice big pot??? It's in a say 2L pot something like that, I was just wondering if I could transplant it because it seems to not be swelling up too much anymore, it just started its 5th wk of flowering?? when I move a bit of soil from the top there are thick roots about 1in down and all throughout the pot...should I transplant to something bigger, kinda like turtles, they grow to the size of there aquarium, if you introduce bigger they get bigger, not so sure this is true but any response would be helpful???:peace2:

diesel farmer

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I`ve seen your plant on the other post and yes she needs a 5 gallon pot IMO, basic rule of thumb for me is 1 gallon of soil per foot of plants overall height at end of cycle, peace!
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