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Transporting clones


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i got this buding girl about 3ft indoor in soil she's about ready for harvest and i wanna try to take some clones and move them an hour away by car to an outdoor location

how long should i put them threw veg befor cloning after harvest?

wats the best way to transport?

any other concerns or advice?
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uhm, dont' let them see the clones, keep them in the trunk and drive carefully, the speed limit, and don't be high or smell like pot.

they'd have no reason to search your entire car then

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i had the same question but how do u advise i wrap up my clones and what u think i should put them in? in going to take the cutting and transport it immediatly


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as for vegging before you clone, yea i would do that but the length of time it takes to reveg a plant and clone, and root the clone is a great deal. i do believe you might miss the window of opportunity to actully get a mature plant out of the outdoor season....i would say you would have a better chance with seeds.

but its worth a try right you'll just learn from this.

well if i was you i would wait to root the clones before you move them, but if you have to i say wrap them VERY VERY carefully in some newspaper and move them right away to the spot. then i would plant and spray the leaves as much as possible and keep the soil moist and never let it dry out. i dont advise tho just taking clones and planting them right out side.

good luck

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ok thx
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