Treating Liver Cancer


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Dosing via the hepatic portal vein delivers 60% and prob higher, of the cannabinoids directly to your liver, when properly inserted, and I don't believe it any more difficult than the other anal method. Where as oral dosing gets a max of 20% to your liver, and given the difficulties we had seeing healing liver cancers, I believe the hepatic portal vein to be the best delivery system with the greatest chance of healing success for liver cancer. For this method, the suppositories MUST be inserted to the full length of your middle finger. This method for liver cancer gets 3-400 % more cannabinoids delivered to the liver, than any other dosing method besides intravenous methods. Given your liver has been slow healing, suggested by your last test, if I remember right, there was no increase in tumor size but no decrease either, I believe this a worthy method for your consideration. The hepatic portal vein route along with a 25% daily oral dose, is my go to recommendation to my liver cancer members. Also, healing with cannabinoids is most successful if a constant pressure is kept on the cancer. The doses last about 6 hrs, depending on potency. Dosing only twice a day gives the cancer two 6 hour periods where it is not being treated fully and two 6 hr periods where the cancer has cannabinoid pressure via your daily dosing schedule. This was one of the problems with Rick Simpsons original protocol. He told ppl to take one dose daily but this left the cancer untreated for as much as 18 hours daily and gave opportunity to grow between doses.
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