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Two Meter Tall AK Autoflower?


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I am a first time grower and first time poster so please forgive my ignorance. However I have been told by someone I consider very clever (me) that there are no stupid questions so here goes.

I ordered seed from a European source and finally the 2 seeds arrived from the Netherlands. ( TWO SEEDS!! - I am a BIG spender and this after all was my first experiment.) Well, the one seed rotted in its paper towel but the AK Auto sprouted and now, 10 weeks later is over 2 meters tall (close to 7 foot for the metrically challenged). In the last 3 weeks it has been budding but these are small and underdeveloped.

I have the plant on a 20/4 cycle, feeding Eco-Grow and Eco-Bloom as fertilizer and the medium is soil which I mixed myself. I have discovered this to be a little more absorbent than Fox Farms. Next time I small chase the moths from my wallet and buy Fox Farms as this is probably cheaper and better than me mixing organic soil with worm castings, builders sand and pertlite. Lights are fluorescent and I have 400 watts on this plant only. I have two other non auto plants which are NYC Diesel that I grew from bag seed, using the same florescents and these plants are now ready to harvest. They, of course are in a different room with 12/12 lighting and look beautiful and full of buds and sticky stuff. Not so the AK Auto.

Is my AK Auto actually not an auto?
Should I move it to the 12/12 room and see if it buds?
Should I persuade my US Congressman to declare war on the Netherlands as retribution for bad seeds?


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Re: Two Meter Tall AK Autoflower?????

Ive never seen a 7 ft auto can you get a picture???
I would say that its not an auto,i would put it in the flower room,(take cuttings first)

you better have a tall room,if it is 7ft in just veg,it could be 11-12ft at finish
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