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Ulcerated colitis


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I have been diagnosed with this disease for nearly 3 years now. I'm 22 years old and live in UT...ya sucks i know. I'm looking to move to either colorado or oregon so that I can grow my own medication. I have tried asacol and it doesn't work nearly as well for me as cannabis does. Does anyone have any suggestions of where I should look for help?


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Thanks for the post mr grum. After being diagnosed I became an expert on the disease really quickly. I have found that diet is extremely important in keeping my disease in remission. What I have also found is that smoking cannabis not only increases my appetite but it actually gets rid of my cramping for the following two to three days with regular bm's. I'm not sure if you've seen the results of the tests being done over the pond in the United Kingdom, but they have found cannabis receptors in the lining of the colon. They call them CB1 and CB2 receptors. The cannabinoids actually bind to these receptors and shut down the flaring caused by the overactive immune system. That is why cannabis is so effective against the disease. It is important to mention that low quality cannabis has little effect on my symptoms (severe diarr. cramping, bloody stool, fatigue..etc) The most effective form I have found is kine bud vaporized. The huge problem I face, is that it is a criminal activity to purchase this medicine. Not only that, but to get the effective kind of bud (chronic) I have to meet with serious criminals who are often selling hard drugs too. I want to be free of interactions with criminals and that's why I want to move. I want to grow my own medication so I don't have to worry about police and drug dealers.
The goverment needs to realize that some people really do need this plant in order live a healthier, more normal life.

Suzie Cuzie

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I've had ulcerative colitis for about ten years now. I hate it. I've been taking asacol for awhile now to try to keep it under control. When that doesn't work, I get put on prednisone [steroids], which I despise. When I've been on prednisone, I've been unhappy, unable to sleep and unable to eat, and I smoked pot to cope with the side effects [I became happy, I ate just fine and I slept well]. It didn't occur to me until recently that perhaps the pot was helping the symptoms of my colitis directly. I haven't been high in about 2 years and this past year has been really rough. I've been bleeding a lot lately even though I consistently take my medication.

Anyway, to the person who started this topic: I live in Arizona where medical marijuana perscriptions aren't legal. However, I've been intending to move to Portland, Oregon for awhile now. It's beautiful there. It rains quite a bit there [which I love] but not as much as Seattle. On the whole, the weather is suppose to be quite tolerable with it only occasionally getting up to 100 degrees in the summer [20 degrees lower than Phoenix, ugh]. The cost of living is suppose to be slightly cheaper there than where I currently am. There's a flourishing art scene there [which I'm into]. I don't drive. I ride a bicycle everywhere. The public transportation system is suppose to be excellent [including their now famous light rail] and it suppose to be bike-friendly, not only in terms of off road paths but purportedly "fixie" bikes are quite popular there. I'm a big seafood eater [especially sushi] and it close to the ocean which means it'll be cheaper and fresher. The overall vibe is suppose to be laid back with it not being uncommon for people to wear shorts to work.

So, If you decide to move there let me know if you're successful in obtaining a medical marijuana prescription.


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Hi suzie! You sound like a really cool person! I am also thinking about moving to Oregon. I have another semester of college to finish up before I can make any decisions, but Oregon is definitely on my mind. I have heard that medical marijuana cards are given to patients suffering from IBD. This would be great because I know how much it helps my UC. I went off asacol for over 6 months when I had a good chronic hook up. The funny part is, it was actually cheaper paying for the chronic over my asacol. It only takes about 1 hit per day to keep my symptoms under control. lol one hit a day keeps my symptoms at bay. I'm sorry to hear you had to go on prednisone... I've heard it's horrible. It wasn't coincedence that your symptoms were dampened when smoking weed. It really does help a lot. I just hope that the people over in the UK keep up the hard work on reasearching the benifits of cannabis.
Thanks for the reply and the info on Oregon!


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I am in UK and also have this unpleasant condition. No joy from the Asacol or steroids and so looking like i will be placed on drugs to suppress the immune system. I have spoken to several specialists re cannabis as a treatment, even directing them to the research you mention above, none of them have heard of it or have any interest. I am searching for someone in UK who has some idea of best ways to invest, what else to take (i am having a lot of turmeric, to point that i sweat orange), where to start with diet. At present I am just struggling to get up to a healthy weight, so perhaps vaping will help appetite and sleep ( i get up every few hours to go to the loo). I would really welcome some advice on how to get a handle on dosage, I have read re oils/cannabutter but not found much that was specific to this condition.

Good luck all.


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I have IBs and fluctuate between c and d On a recent poll in facebook 90 percent of suffering from the disorder say marijuana helps. Oklahoma recently passed one of the best medical marijuana laws in the usa. We passed it via voter initiative. It's does not limit the diseases that can be treated by mj. If your doctor prescribed mj you can get a card. I'm looking for an approved doctor to hook.me up. Our law limits medical growers to 6 plants but doesn't include mother plants or males. Waste is not included such as trashed plants on a burn or compost pile. The law.doesn't prevent medical growers from living next to a dispensary like other states. I'm proud of my state.


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I've suffered from ulcerative colitis for 9 years and I tried high CBD strains for a few months, but unfortunately, it didn't help with my symptoms. Here in Canada medical marijuana is legal and there are many doctors that will give you a prescription and license. But my doctor told me that the marijuana will only help with the pain, not the actual bleeding and disease.
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