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I plan to start to grow a few plants in this upcoming season. I have never grown before so i was wandering if someone would let me get a grow book or people just answer my questions.

First off i was wandering if i could plant with just any regular soil that you use for other plants that you can buy at the store?

How long should i grow the plants in a pot until i put them in the ground or do i just go ahead and start growing them in the ground?

Do i have to water the plants every 2 or 3 days until its time to harvest and get all the bud off of them?

How long does it take until the first cycle? And what are the cycles? What should i look for in my plants and should i worry about insects or animals eating my crop?
1 yes I'm prety sure as long as its good potting soil you can.

2 If you can grow them there entier life in pots I recommend doing that. This way you can move them around tog et the most light or if anything else happens. If you have to plant them in the ground make sure to plant them where they will get the most sun.

3 Depends on how you have them planted. If there in pots in useally like 2 times a week or once a week in they are in they ground I don't think they have to be feed as often but a good rule of thumb is water when the top 2inchs is dry. Its also importan to be feeding them when you water them. The nuts in the soil you get wont last forever and plants need different nuts in the flowering phase.

4. Cycles? You mean Propagation and Germantion, vegging, pre flowering flowering and then HARVEST?

From seeds after they are gemanated it should take atleast 2 monhts of vegging before your plant is mature enough to flower. After 2 monhts you can leave it out and let mother nature do its thing or you can force flower it by bringing it indoors or butting a trash can on top of it for a couple hours till its dark out.

You should always worry about bugs fungis and animals. If animals are a problem try putting up chicken wire. I alwyas have a bottle of neem oil in case I get mites. Inspect you're plants daily for any problems.
Alright I think I'm starting to get a hang of this, but what do i feed to them and how do i feed them?

-Propagation and Germantion - I have to water them at least 2 times a week is that it for how long? do i feed them hear too? if so what do i feed to the plants?

-vegging - I have to feed and water them

-pre flowering - have no clue what i do

-flowering - have no clue what i do

-HARVEST - Pick the buds off
Alright LoL my advise is to read the forums. Start by searching about how to germate your seeds.

You need to go to a grow shop and get food. Ask the people that work there what they recommend for the vegitave stage and for the flowering stage. Do not mention that you are growing marijuana.

Youll be watering there whole life from vegging till flowering and feeding most there life as well. The last 2 weeks of flowering will be only water though.

Read the harvest forum to see some ways that worked well for other members.

Don't worry bro you have plenty of time to learn before the next outdoor season
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