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UPDATE: New Mexico To Let Patients Grow Their Own

Jim Finnel

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SANTA FE, N.M., June 29 New Mexico officials say patients will be allowed to grow their own cannabis plants when the state's medical marijuana laws goes into effect Sunday.

Lobbyists had originally said patients would not be allowed to grow the plans but the Health Department Thursday unveiled a provision that allows patients to grow a limited number of marijuana plants, the Santa Fe New Mexican newspaper said.

Jim Burleson, director of the state sheriffs' and police association, said he is opposed to allowing individual growers.

"If a person is growing their own (marijuana), there is no quality control and no quantity control -- and it's absolutely contrary to what was discussed at the (legislative) session," he told the newspaper.

The law is limited to people with conditions such as cancer, HIV-AIDS, glaucoma and multiple sclerosis.

The Health Department said qualified patients and caregivers may cultivate as many as four mature marijuana plants and three immature marijuana seedlings, the newspaper said.

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I heard from this one story (linked below) that the law passed also require the state to set up its own distribution process for patients who choose not to grow their own. Either way, this is great news! Another state takes the plunge = we're one step closer to eventually changing the Controlled Substances Act :3::3::bong::3::3:

Law requires N.M. to grow its own pot - Yahoo! News


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no quality control no quality controll oh no no quantity control how terrible

sound just like the tomatoes peppers and lettuce in my vegatable garden how terrible are these god given see genesis 1:12 green plants they predate original sin and are wild ang unruly be cause we fail in our stewardship of them and ourselves if they are growing their own i doubt they'll intend to screw it up with poisonous chemicals etc

too bad chronic pain and back injuries aren't new mex's too short list of
acceptable medical use..


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how long will it last before the feds come in and stop them? its like a circle set up. the state says" hey look what we get to do for you!" and the feds say thank you for the free brownie points....


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i should not have been so negative.. im sorry.. it is good news while it lasts..
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