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US Patents for bongs

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* U.S. Patent 4,253,475 Water pipes or bongs
* U.S. Patent 4,148,326 Automatic loading bong
* U.S. Patent 4,111,213 Smoking pipe
* U.S. Patent 4,096,868 Smoking apparatus and methods of constructing and utilizing same
* U.S. Patent 4,031,905 Smoking tube with check valve
* U.S. Patent 4,031,904 Removable water tight base for bong
* U.S. Patent 3,863,646 Smoking Device

[edit] Designs

These include ornamental designs for smoking pipes, substantially as shown and described.

* U.S. Patent D443,950 Smoker's implement
* U.S. Patent D443,103 Smoker's implement
* U.S. Patent D442,327 Smoker's implement
* U.S. Patent D381,116 Tobacco water pipe
* U.S. Patent D368,325 Tobacco hookah
* U.S. Patent D358,227 Tobacco hookah
* U.S. Patent D261,439 Pipe
* U.S. Patent D261,438 Pipe
* U.S. Patent D256,506 Smoking device
* U.S. Patent D246,391 Water cooled smoking device
* U.S. Patent D244,473 Smoking pipe

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They let you patent things they won't let you sell? that makes about as much sense as most of the things our government does.
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