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Using different bug sprays


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I have a question. i have to spray 3 different kinds of bug sprays. I was wondering if i could just mix them all in the same bottle then just spray all at once instead of doing it 3 different days. I spray with BT for caterpillars,neem oil and spinosad. I was wondering if anyone has done it before or will in not work cause they are 3 different sprays and will no react well together. I only mix one spray bottle at a time and use 1 teaspoon for each one i spray.


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NO NO NO NO! DO NOT mix things together like that. You don't know what "Inert ingredients" they put in there that can actually interact. And even a pure oils and whatnot can separate, or interact in ways you don't know. While you can usually mix different fertilizers, one should NEVER mix pesticides, herbicides, and the like.
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