Using rainwater - advice requested!


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My first grow, and I'm using soil. I want to use rainwater, but I've just cleaned out my guttering, and flushed away most of the debris in there. Trouble is, itll never be 100% clean. For best results, I imagine it would be best to have it sterilised in some way before it reaches the plants - if this is the case, does anyone have any ideas of how to go about this?
On the other hand, these bacterias tend to sort themselves out in the real world, so am I being too fussy?
Obviously, I have a net filter to exclude the larger particles and insects etc..but my concern is the moss and other growth that proliferates in my guttering.
Ok, I can clean it out periodically, but I'm never going to get rid of all of it.

I had a look to see if this has been discussed elsewhere, but couldn't find it.
I want to use rainwater because the tap water here varies hugely with the rainfall. It's brown right now, and on the acid side.
I filter mine through cheese cloth, test the pH, some areas the rain is more on the acid side, as long as its clear and the pH is good I use it, peace!
If your worried about little plant material floating around just add some hydrozine !
Ol Hippy,

It was, indeed, the vegetation in the guttering I was concerned about. It's always going to be there, to some extent. I know nothing of Hydrozine - but I'll know a lot more about it in half an hour..!
Diesel, The rainwater here is 5.5 - 6.00. So there's not a whole lot of adjusting to do..I was thinking along the lines of cheeseclocth..

Thanks for the help folks!
My friend the organic gladiator, says the rain water is great as it has little ppm so it won't compete with your nutes. I know cause i carry the water and insisted on an answere for my efforts. skyhigh
Still a bit puzzled by the Hydrazine reference, Ol Hippy.. Can't find anything about it which appears relevant to your suggestion.
Is it perhaps a cruel joke?

I notice there's a slight difference in the way you spell it, versus the way I found it spelled.

Got all the rainwater I need now.. just got to keep it in good condition..
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