Whats the ph of rainwater


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my babies have been out in the rain all day.
does anyone know the approx. ph of rainwater?
aftr 2 days in 90+ temps. they look good. but i gave them nutes 2 days ago.
should i add more nutes after an inch of rain? pot are very drainable w/ 50 perlte 50 soil mix. now under hps till sunset.:peace:
Gotta test it to find out for sure. It varies all over due to pollutants in the air. I have never had issues with rainwater and my outdoor grows.

Ever hear of acid rain? Southeast Canada, the Eastern 1/3 of the USA, parts of northern Europe and parts of China and Russia have potential rain that is not good for some plants, wildlife and even statues... it eats them away over time. Acid rain can have a ph as low as 2.0

"good rain" usually has a ph of 5.0 - 6.0 in areas with some industry. Potentially a little bit higher if absolutely no pollution at all but that is rare anywhere on the planet anymore.


* Not all issues with rain are man made even tho most are. Volcanic eruptions can really f"*ck up the ph of rain. So if you are >>>>> of Iceland.........:wood:
yeah willy thats what i thought an answer might be. that sucks.
i have ph meter i guess i should try to collect it. and test it.
i guess in a clean glass jar. not a can.
growing outside as well so i should check it.:peace: thanks man
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