City Rainwater - is it safe or poison?


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It's been quite rainy to the point it rains during peak sunlight hours some days.. I was curious on how rainwater from a densely populated city with incredible amounts of traffic will effect my plant and/or the end result. Should sun be sacrificed to not be rained on? The plant is in final stages of flowering without a controlled light cycle since it was planted from seed so its been flowering and rooting at the same time. The buds look very healthy and I'm assuming will be ready to harvest in a few weeks. I'm wondering if the rainwater will have irreversible effects on my nugs.:peace:
In the short term your plants will not suffer. Acid rain, which is the problem you are referring to, does have a cumulative affect on a plants growth, so most annuals are not damaged. Trees on the other hand can show marked damage from the accumulation of heavy metals over a prolonged period. You just have to look at the die back in Maple trees in the northwest of the US and parts of Canada. The Maples that maple sugar is obtained from is greatly affected.
If you were living in a city like Mexico City, I would recommend not using rainwater sullied by smog and leaded exhaust fumes.
For your purposes, I would not worry.
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