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I've posted these pics for identification already but would like to share them in a dedicated thread. Unknown Sativa dominant strain grown from seed out of low-grade(thanks RooRman & others for the info). A sour pineapple and citrus smell, expect updated pics as flowering progresses.:peace:



Delicious is right! That plant is going to give you some very good smoke when all is said and done.

Think about it, if you can do that with bag seed, then imagine what your capable of with better seed stock. A good grower can turn trash into stash, and you definatly fall into that catergory. :peace:
I used to stay in south florida around the tresure coast. When I was in florida last year everyone was raving about a strain of weed called krippy. Every time I obtained "krippy" it always delivered a prime out of your mind high. I soon realized that "krippy" was not at all a particular strain as much as it was a "type" lable. Anything that is prime tasting, prime smelling and finally prime looking is tossed into the "krippy" bin so to speak. What I am trying to get at is more often then not south florida midies are far more potent than alot of other regions. I mean stuff i would call good green weed in michigan I would often recieve product of the same quality in florida and have it reffered to as mid grade. What I am getting at is this strain was probably more potent than alot of you think. This could not have been origionally what we often call "dirt weed".
Maybe you mentioned it in another thread - is this lovely lady indoors or out? If in, what type of lighting? :peace:
I visited South Beach and supported the single mothers this summer and the doja that I bought was amazing :cool: I bought 2 ounces for 200 USD and could not have bought 2 zips of dirt mcgirt for that price around my way. I think that it is an almost perfect climate to grow some potent herb ;) Look at his bagseed! It looks like my friends plants that cost him 65 USD. Way to go!!
Sorry it's taken so long to get these photos up. Came to around 13 grams dry. Smoked smooth, grapefruit/tangerine aftertaste, with a fleeting hint of earth (only cured 10 days), a very uplifting energetic, nothing will hold me back high with a hint of eye closing narcotic effect. Buds weren't around long enough after the cure for me to take pictures. Ran into mite problems, fert issues, and constant moving to keep from prying eyes and to keep it in the sun; so I am still satisfied with the yield. First grow, what can I say besides it was a priceless experience.


Traded the smaller of the two main colas for that 18" Double Bubble Trident to a friend who works at a shop.
I honestly have that exact same bong! Hits like a champ... Nice bud dude. + Rep
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