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Just starting out - and pumps are a bit of a mystery to me.

I want to use rainwater - but I need to get the rainwater upstairs to the grow room. Need to pump it up around 15 - 18 feet. I'm ok with the switching from the rainwater barrel, and the switching off with the reservoir upstairs - plan on using either a ballcock and cutoff switch, or a pressure switch on the pump, if that's feasible. My main problem is - I have no idea how much power I need to pump that amount of water up that distance. I think the internal diameter of the tubing used would be 3/4".

I'm only growing in a tent 1.2m x 1.2m, and the upstairs reservoir will be around 60 litres - so I shouldn't be overworking the pump, say perhaps once a week, or two weeks.

I've been looking at this: KARCHER SBP2200 GARDEN WATER BUTT PUMP 240V

It seems too cheap to be what I'm looking for - it's 400 watts.
All comments and help would be appreciated!

This will be my first grow, and I'm looking to get it as right as I can...

The quality of the water round here varies hugely with the amount of rainfall.

There's a ton of great information here - thanks you guys!

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Pumps are rated by the volume they will pump at a given pressure up to a given height, eg, 25gph@125psi to a max. 25 feet. You are just about at maximum height for any pump, so your flow will not be the very fast. You don't have to worry so much about pressure because it is an open system, with only the restriction that is in the line. You could try to set up a midway reservoir and pump your water twice, that may increase your flow (decrease time pumped).

If there are any hydraulic people on line, feel free to jump in here.
Hey Fish - sorry, had to re-read your post (living up to my name).

Your 400 watt pump is probably a 1/2 hp pump (748w/hp, give or take),and should be more than enough. If you use a larger line, say 1" or 1-1/4", you will pump your reservoir fairly quick.

Not sure where you are, but around here you can pick up a submersible, half horse pump for around $70.00.
Too Old,

Thanks for that! I'm not in the US, and I live in the back of beyond - getting hold of stuff usually involves purchasing from outside the country, or paying through the nose for it locally.
Rainwater seemed a nice option, but by the time I've bought the water barrel, the pump, and rainwater diverter etc, I think it would probably be less expensive to buy a R/O outfit, and use the water from the tap. However - I'm going for the rainwater option to start with. I'll only have to pump the water up once a week, or maybe even once every two weeks, depending on the size of my upstairs reservoir, which I'm thinking around 20 gallons or so.
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