Vaporizer's Official Grow Thread

Thanks alot NoDirt .. means alot comin from you *Pops Collar*

LOL .. im high
yea she is blacturbo .. shes gettin fatter and fatter day by day.
Nice pics man
looking good vaporizer but you really should load through our gallery to resize those pictures, beautiful and all but to large to look at and really enjoy. keep up the amazing work with those ladies bro.
Peace P420
yea i uploaded them to the 420 gallery .. but didn't resize them ..

More Pics comin later today
It should automatically resize them I think. Unless they are too big and then it can time out and the upload would fail. That happened to me a few times so now I just resize them before uploading. Can't wait to see the pics Vap. :allgood:
I just didn't click on PROCEED ... its stil uploaded to the server .. just not resized.

LOL ..
New pics. Brought my girls inside the pad for these. 2 pics of Misty (Kali x Haze) and 2 pics of Shorty (Kali x Purple Haze)









Let me know what ya'll think
I think he's still got a while to go don't you Vap? Like 7 more weeks or something like that? I thought I remembered you said you were going to long veg these girls. What's going on with your baby plants? How they doing?
I got about 6 more weeks with these girls. My lil babies are currently at another home being taken care of. Thanks for feelin the pics Carp and NoDirt. I brought my girls in the pad for the pics (Let them take a break from their own room) and man ... they stunk up the whole place with this sweet/citrus/skunky aroma. I loved it ... so did my mom and dad LOL .. My mom didn't know they plant grew flowers and changed soo much.

Blaze One
awesome brother, they look so good can't wait to see what you get off of them
keep up the good work vaporizer, what strain are your babies? the same?
peace p420
1 of my lil babies is a Master Kush x Purple Haze Strain. The other is a bagseed (Cali Chronic)

I miss them ...
New Pics: Kali x Haze

New pics of Misty (Kali x Haze) .. about 6 more weeks .. :goof:




and LOL at the blanket covering the window.. Gotta love Snowmen LOL .. HEY! .. it keeps the light out :laughtwo:

The full res pics look way better .. but their kinda BIG .. blah lol

Burn One :allgood:
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