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Wake up time to read this one!


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Everything on this section or topic by Cees (Mr.XX/Cannaplant) was written by his own experience. If you have any questions about a subject, don't hesitate to post. I tried to make the information understandable for every grower..

Imagine giving the plants only half the water they get now. I am absolutely sure that there would be more to harvest.


During rain a plant the vegetative phase will transport the rainwater to the outside of the plant, because the plant does not want to have water near it's stem during this phase. On all sides of the stem there are roots that secrete salts and / or nitrates (just look at the white lines in the pot after a full cycle). Because it's not good for a plant to have it's own precipitated toxic substances going through it's roots again, we advice the following: Give the plants water at the bottom as much as possible! Put a dish under your pots. After you have watered the plants from the top for the first time only give water in the dishes. The taste of your weed will be milder.

Source: No Mercy Seeds

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Re: Wake up.time to read this one !

:cool027:Iam trying a N.F.T. this time ! last grow I did a top feed rockwool and hydroton and feed 6x a day for 10 minutes each with lights on 24 hours a day and kept the temp at 74.7 degrees 24/7 and humidity at 57.7 % and every thing went very well . R U saying I should cut my water in 1/2 R u sure this wont hurt my girls ? I did cut back in flowering 2 3x a day 4 15 ninutes each .
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