What is the FIM technique?

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Some growers are now using the "FIM technique" as a way to get more growing shoots per each time you top. The strategy involves cutting off 90% of the growing shoot and leaving 10% intact. From that 10%, up to 8 more branches can emerge. This is useful for those growing SCROG style or those wanting lots of clones from a mother plant.

A shows the tradional method of topping: cutting the whole node off cleanly, to induce the stalk to split into two. But diagram B indicates to make the cut below the center of the node, leaving about 10% intact. This is the key, because the vegetation left behind has cells that are rapidly dividing in many different directions. This can lead to as many as EIGHT tops from a single pruning.

Additional image contributed by: Bubbasix

The Person that created this FIM sent a letter in to High Times I think back in 98 and it was for "Fuck I Messed Up..." He did not want to be disclosed and man oh man did he rellay find something interesrting... He said FIM cause he thought he ruinned his whole crop... LOL
I'm gonna have to try this technique on my current grow. Space is severely limited and it might help me get more yield.
I'm gonna have to try this technique on my current grow. Space is severely limited and it might help me get more yield.

If space is limited they will get really bushy!!! Just something o keep in mind... I like it for less = more... I had a few Southern Light's plants and they were bushy as all hell... Fimmed them 3+ times and had about 12-16 shoots sick looking plants!!! Check out my Gallery huge yielding plants...
in the past i have FIMed the second or third set of true leaves on a seedling and had a plant that was 24 in in diameter and about 30 in tall looked like those fancy evergreen/yew trees/bushes garden centers sell you looked like a beach ball on a little stick...

5 gal bucket soil w/pearlite and compost foxfarm nutes 400HID
I used to keep the thumbnail on my right hand long to do the job. The tip of the nail would turn light green from the chlorophyll.

I always liked to start at the fourth set of leaves.

I was using that technique in the 70's with big sativas. Kept 'em down to workable seven feet or so and you got a carpet of bud.
The technical answer is yes...because apparently any part of the plant will root!;)

Photo courtesy of @munki

Although, my personal answer would be no. The part(s) chopped during a FIMing are relatively small and have a limited chance of survival.

But I dare you to give it a shot and let us watch...:popcorn:...

Dont try to use phyco analyze crap on me just to look dumb!!

Ill let you know how it works!!!:smokin:
What do you mean?

It was a joke Andy...kinda like the old days when you would tell your buddy..."Ill bet you cant!!":slide:

But I do think Ill toss them into some Clonex and give um a try!!
Got nothin to loose!!!!
My bad, no comprehendo...too late...maybe one too may blunts (if that's possible);)

I love experiments, so please post your results here!

I think Im gonna try it in a separate grow room, and split some plants, for a good comparison...kinda scary though,:bong: but the levels introduced should be low enough.....

Experimenting is too much fun!!:smokin:

Wait till you see the set up for being gone for 20 days, and the whole thing is hands off!!...HMMMMM can it be done???:cheer::cheer:
Has anyone tried the FIM technique early in 12/12? I was reading on another board where a guy FIM'd after two weeks of 12/12 and is having great results.

It sounds like he only did one plant so that is not a real conclusive test, but he said much branching and 8" shorter than the rest of his grow at 5 weeks of flower. I would like to give it a go, I am about 4 days into 12/12 now, my only concern would be slowing down the maturing process as I am on a definite time crunch this run.
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