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What to look for after screwing up light cycle during early flowering


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My first grow is indoor with bagseed in happy frog soil, T5 And cfl lighting, 1 plant, 5sqftcabinet 40 to 60 RH 63 to 81 temps.
I am using a timer that has tabs to depress for each half hour you wish to have "on" condition. 18 days ago I switched to 12 on 12 off cycle. Today I realize that the timer is set for "on" for like 4 hours after dark began ( to be exact 12 on 4 off 4 on 4 off). It may of been this way 5 days or up to 15 days, I just don't know. Plant looks fine now. I was beginning to be concerned I wasn't seeing buds beginning. Checking led me to my timer error. I have now reset to 12 on 12 off on usual schedule. When and what will I have to look out for? Next grow will get a much better timer. thankyou2.gif


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I think youd be ok. It wasnt full on flowering yet prob still transitioning hormones. Its basically like you were just sexing your plant then went to a gas lantern routine like schedule. Keep it in a sustained 12 12 light schedule and id say you would be ok. Would hurt to check for nanners or pollen sacs during and after stretch just to be safe and hroughout. Nanners are yellow and can be small as pistil hairs, and the pollen sacs are exactly that. I use one of those timers also and have had some minor schedule shifts. Wish ya Best of luck with your grow.
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